Free Night of Theatre

Free Night of Theatre is a national audience develpment program in which Theatre Charleston is proud to particpate.

Originally created by Theatre Communications group, Theatre Charleston has eagerly participated in Free Night 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.  Nationally, the 2011 Free Night program included over 400 participating organizations, offering more than 55,000 tickets to over 1,800 performances in 19 states.

Check back soon for details on Free Night Charleston 2013!


September 9 - 23, enter to win up to 5 pairs of free tickets to live theatre in October!  

Click here to visit the FreeNightCharleston page 

If you have other questions, please contact Emily Wilhoit at or (843) 813-8578.

About Free Night of Theatre: 

Free Night of Theatre is an unprecented effort initiated by Theatre Communications Group (TCG) to attract new audiences to live theatre across the country.  The goal of the program is to encourage ‘first-timers’ to see their first live theatre performance while giving regular theatregoers a chance to attend theatres they haven’t been to before.  

Free Night of Theatre is your chance to:
     · See a live theatre production FOR THE FIRST TIME—for free!  
     · Go to a theatre you’ve never been to before—for free!
     · Introduce a friend to the excitement of live theatre—for free!

Free Night Charleston is now working on a new dynamic enter-to-win online system.
Patrons will now have two weeks, Sep 9 - 23, to look over all the participating theatre events happening in the month of October and pick their top five choices. They then submit to win them in a random drawing. On or around September 28th, the available tickets will be randomly distributed based on the patrons' selections and ticket availability, allowing each patron to win as many as five different pairs of tickets! Of course, as in all drawings and giveaways, getting tickets isn't guaranteed – encourage your friends and family to enter as well to improve your chances!  All entries must be made through the website; no telephone or email orders will be accepted.

If you have participated in Free Night in the past, please consider either trying a new theatre you have not been to before or giving up your tickets to someone new.  This program is designed for NEW patrons to experience the magic of live theatre, risk free!

All entries will receive an email from FreeNightCharleston prior to September 30th notifying the patron if they have won, and if so, to what production and date.   

Click here to visit the Free Night Charleston website and enter to win!