Although Isben wrote the play125 years ago, An Enemy of the People is still relevant today.
When Dr. Thomas Stockmann discovers that the much-heralded local baths may cause serious health problems for the tourists and townspeople who use them, he assumes that his news will be met with thanks by his neighbors. Instead, his brother Peter (mayor of the town), and eventually the local media and citizens, try to convince him that the economic needs of the town are more important than the potential threat of germs that only science is aware of. Dr. Stockmann becomes “An Enemy of the People.” Although Ibsen wrote the play 125 years ago, An Enemy of the People is still shockingly relevant today. For those familiar with the water issues in Flint, Michigan, the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, and water access problems in the west, the conflicts between citizens and shareholders, science and business, and media and government dramatized in An Enemy of the People will seem as current as this morning’s news.


Susan Kattwinkel


By Henrik Ibsen A New Version By Rebecca Lenkiewicz


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